About Us

Ecolux is a bespoke wooden door manufacturer based in Semarang, Indonesia. Our brand was established in 2016 under the company PT. Bogowonto Primalaras to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Ecolux specializes in crafting custom interior and exterior engineered wooden doors.

The name "ECOLUX" is a combination of "Ecolabel" and "Luxurious." Each door we produce undergoes a meticulous production process conducted by our skilled woodworkers to ensure the best quality. The raw timber we use is sourced from responsibly managed forests certified by the SVLK, a mandatory Indonesian national certification system for legal and sustainable timber.

We tailor each order to the specific requirements of individual projects, recognizing that every door is distinct and that our clients have diverse needs for design and construction. Ecolux doors can be found not only in Indonesia but also overseas, where we have successfully supplied doors to high-end hotels and resorts, housing complexes, offices, and schools.

As a bespoke wood door company, we offer a wide range of door types, from solid engineered wooden panel doors to security doors. All fire-rated and acoustic doors undergo rigorous testing in accordance with international certification standards to ensure their effectiveness.

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