Understanding Door Jargon for Engineered Wood Doors

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Revealing the Culprits: Things that are Damaging to Wood Doors

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering from Ecolux

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The Role of Wood Doors in Security

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Why are Wooden Doors the Most Sustainable Choice for You

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Tips When Designing a Room Using a White Door

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How to Measure a Door?

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Special Doors Available at Ecolux

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Which Door to Choose Based on Your Home Design


Less is more - a motto this design lives by. Minimalist design is characterized by clean lines, simple furniture that focuses on function over form, a monochromatic color palette and Learn More >

Solid Wood Doors? That’s a Thing of the Past

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Wooden Door Maintenance Tips

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How to Find the Perfect Exterior Door for Your Home?

How to Find the Perfect Exterior Door for Your Home?

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Why Ecolux?

ECOLUX is derived from two words that have become the basis of our quality standard.

ECO = Ecolabel & LUX = Luxurious, hence purchasing a door from us means that you Learn More >